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Owen W. Duckworth


Roll On, You Sturdy Golden Bears Postdoctoral Scholar, Division of Ecosystem Sciences
University of California, Berkeley, California

My Boys Are Wicked Smaht Ph.D., Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University

Go Heels! 1957,1982,1993,2003,2009! M.S., Environmental Sciences and Engineering
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Roll Tribe! B.S., Chemistry and Geology, cum laude
College of William and Mary

Research Interests

The activity of microbes greatly affects the biogeochemical flow of nutrients and contaminants in the environment. Our research primarily focuses on the thermodynamics and kinetics of aqueous and interfacial reactions involving biogenic exudates that contribute to understanding the biogeochemical cycling of natural and anthropogenic species. We blend traditional wet-chemical, field, and microbiological methods with modern spectroscopic, microscopic, molecular biology, and theoretical techniques to obtain an understanding of mechanisms and reaction pathways on molecular to macroscopic scales.

Research Publications

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See Owen's profile as an emerging investigator.

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See the write-up as a SSRL Science Highlight!

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See the write-up in C&E News!

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Educational Publications

5. Duckworth, O.W., Grunden, A.M., Ojiambo, P., Andrews, M.Y., and Cubeta, M.A. (2017) Revisiting Graduate Student Training to Address Agricultural and Environmental Societal Challenges. Agricultural and Environmental Letters, 2:170019. Link

4. Duckworth, O.W., Franzluebbers, A.J., and Gardner, T.G. (2015) Biogeochemical Processes Underpin Ecosystem Services in Soil Ecosystem Services, Stromberger, M.E., Lindbo, DL., Comerford, N.B. (eds.), in press. Link

3. Duckworth, O.W., Heitman, J.L., and Polizzotto, M.L. (2014) Soil water: From molecular structure to behavior, Nature Education Knowledge, 5 (8), 1. Link

2. Harrington, J.M., Gardner, T.G., Amoozegar, A., Andrews M.Y., Rivera, N.A., and Duckworth, O.W. (2013) A workshop to facilitate the development of learning modules for 6-12 grade science classes based on biogeochemical research, Natural Sciences Education, 42, 75-84. Link
See the write up in CSA News!

1. Duckworth, O.W. and Harrington, J.M. (2012) Student Presentations of Case Studies to Illustrate Core Concepts in Soil Biogeochemistry, Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education, 41, 35-43. Link
See the write up in CSA News!


Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry (SSC 442), each Spring Semester

Current Topics in Soil Science (SSC 620), Spring 2014

Soil Chemistry (SSC 521), Spring 2008

Professional Service and Activities

RTI International faculty Scholar, 2016

Chair of the Soil Chemistry Division of the Soil Science Society of America, 2017

Associate Editor for Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta andReview Editorial Board Member of Frontiers in Soil Processes

National Club Poster Presentation Contest Committee and as a Soil Chemistry Student Presentation Contest Judge for the Soil Science Society of America

Chaired the Soil Science Society of America Soils and Environmental Quality (S-11) Student Awards Committee, 2012

Severed on proposal review panels for two national funding agencies and twonational user facility

Served as a reviewer for three federal funding agencies (including four NSF programs), three private foundations, a state funding agency, two national user facilities, 28 peer-reviewed journals, and a book chapter

Co-organized six symposia at national or international conferences

Member of the American Chemical Society, American Geophysical Union, Geochemcial Society, and Soil Science Society of America