NC State University - Department of soil science


The activity of microbes greatly affects the biogeochemical flow of nutrients and contaminants in the environment. Our research primarily focuses on the thermodynamics and kinetics of aqueous and interfacial reactions involving biogenic exudates that contribute to understanding the biogeochemical cycling of natural and anthropogenic species. We blend traditional wet-chemical, field, and microbiological methods with modern spectroscopic, microscopic, molecular biology, and theoretical techniques to obtain an understanding of mechanisms and reaction pathways on molecular to macroscopic scales.

Some Recent and Current Projects Include:
• Siderophore interactions with metals and surfaces (with Andrzej Jarzecki, John Bargar, Timm Strathmann, and Leslie Sombers)
• Occurrence, microbial diversity, and mineralogy of bacteriogic iron oxidizing biofilm communities (with John Bargar, Dave Emerson, Marc Michel, Mark Vander Bough and Rob Austin)
• Structure and reactivity of mycogenic manganese oxides (with Cara Santelli, Matt Polizzotto, Jasquelin Peña, and Leslie Sombers)
• Speciation, reactivity, and bioaccumulation of coal fly ash-derived metals (with Dean Hesterberg and David Buchwalter)
• Occurrence, sources, and sinks of geogenic contaminants (with Matt Polizzotto)
• Uptake of human hormones by food crops (with Howard Weinberg and Steve Broome)
• Analytical methods for erosion control agents (with Rich McLaughlin)
• Properties of technologically important minerals (with Man Park)